Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Wednesday Pretty

Following the pretty from Amanda Seyfriend last week, I've decided to attempt to post something gorgeous every Wednesday as a mid-week pick-me-up.  

I've yet to be super-impressed by Mia Wasikowska, and I think a big part of that is that I feel like I'm being told I'm supposed to like her.  Ugh.  Unfairly perhaps, she seems to carry herself with that same indie-actress supercilious condescension that's been pouring off Natalie Portman lately.  But I can't deny that this spread in W is lovely.  

Stunning.  And you can see her ballet background in the way she carries herself and poses.  

I still probably won't go see Jane Eyre.  It's one of my favorite books, but I just don't see the need for a remake, when there are so many wonderful versions already.  Especially one in which Jane is blonde.  Blurgh.  Maybe enough good said about it by Jane fans will change my mind.  We'll see, I suppose.  :-)

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