Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can we talk about this?

Now, I'm not the huge fan of Tina Fey that many women I know are.  But I've always found 30 Rock funny when I get around to watching it.  And Mean Girls was terrific, of course.  While I'm somewhat ambivalent about Ms. Fey, I do acknowledge that she's an attractive woman.  She's got too much character to her face to have movie-star-face, but I think she's lovely.

However, when I got my April InStyle today, this is what I saw:

What is that?  Who is that?  Because it sure doesn't look like Tina Fey.  I actually had to look to see who it was supposed to be.  Why is she wearing that?  Why does her face (or portions of her face) seem to be so poorly attached to someone else's body?  I'm fairly lenient toward photoshopping, but this is ridiculous.  Isn't the whole point of having a celebrity on the cover of your magazine to have a recognizable draw to drive sales?  She's a popular woman because she has a unique look, and InStyle just erased that with a few clicks of a computer.  

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