Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shoe Challenge #5 & #6 - flats!

I always feel like I should be standing in first position when I wear flats.  Even though they aren't "ballet" flats.  Ah, well.  Look how poor my turnout is.  

This past week was the week of flat shoes, waiting for my knee to stop locking up every time I walked around too much.  I twisted my knee while skiing over a jump during our vacation in Colorado, and while it didn't really cause any injury, my knees are prone to problems from years of running.  So I'm attempting to not exacerbate the problems.  Hence, the flats.  It's the perfect transition-from-winter-to-spring weather for these shoes, so it all works out.  

Look, real clothes!  I actually had dressed up since I was going to a speaker at a nearby campus, and wanted to not look like a college student.  I felt like having a little fun by mixing up the plaids on the shirt, trousers, and shoes.  The top and sweater are JCrew, but the trousers I got at the Banana Republic outlet, and besides the fact that they're too short for heels, I love them.  It always amazes me that dress pants are often much more comfortable than my jeans.  

I got these flats from Target for less than $10, and I have another pair in black.  They're remarkably comfortable for cheap flats.  I was tempted to get them in many more colors, but the already-extensive shoe collection made me think twice, and now they don't sell them anymore.  I think these shoes might last one more year of wear, but probably not much more, which makes me a little sad.  I never want to spend very much on flats, but then they always fall apart and I have to find new ones.  But when I see flats for $70 or something, I say "That much for flats!  I can get good ones at Target for $10!"  And so the vicious cycle continues.  Ha!

  I actually prefer pointy-toed flats, since I have narrow feet and typically ballet-style flats are too wide in the toe box.  This does not prevent me from owning ballet flats, of course, as you can see.

These flats are like slippers, not exactly supportive.  And they're fuzzy!  I like the animal-print look, but I'm on the lookout for nicer ones to replace these, especially if they had a pointy-ish toe.  (And yes, I did wear black-trimmed shoes with navy tights.)

This is definitely discount dressing at its best(?).  The sweaterdress I got from Old Navy about 6 years ago.  It's such a nice blue color (I like blue, if you couldn't tell).  The faux leather jacket is from Target from 5 years ago.  The tights were a gift - they're cabled and come in very handy in the cold winters.  

The basket was part of my exciting errands for the day, which included (finally!) mailing off my wedding invitations.  It was so nice to get them done and out of the house.  And they fit so nicely in the basket J got me for Valentine's Day.  Though, when I brought the basket up to the counter at the Post Office, the woman asked me if it held an animal.  Um, no.  Just lots of envelopes!

 Since I was actually wearing my hair down for once (I don't do this often - I'm growing it out for the wedding, and the length is getting a little crazy for me), I threw in a headband instead of trying to figure out jewelry.  This headband is great since it doesn't have the little nubs on the ends that dig into your head.  We glasses-clad gals have to be careful in our headband choices.  

Ah, the mirror pic.  Playing with the camera is fun!

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