Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shoe Challenge #2 - CL grey boots

I bought these boots years ago after seeing them on Blake Lively in the first season of Gossip Girl.

Unfortunately, they're made for someone with much larger calves than I've got (with a shaft circumference of 15"), and I've had to stitch them up the back.  Ha!  They still tend to droop down from the knee a bit, but I still love them.  They have a tiny wedge heel, and are super comfortable.

I played around with posing today.  And Ta-Da!  I look really angry - I don't really do "serious face".  Ah, well.

I love this H&M dress, and figured I'd make the super-summery style work for late-winter with a general grey scheme of tee, tights, and boots.  I'll tell you a secret: I got the dress on clearance three sizes bigger than my typical size.  I figured, hey, it's supposed to be flowy.  Plus, then it's not too short.  Just needed a little fitting in the bust so it doesn't gap.  Easy peasy.  I declare that a victory.

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