Monday, March 21, 2011

Polka Dots, part 1


Look at those Miu Miu sandals.  Aren't they just beautiful?  The whole composition of this picture makes me happy (cerulean blue socks!  with red sandals!), but really it's those green polka dots that stand out.  Whoosh.  Unfortunately, it seems like they only exist without the platform, or in blue:

source; source

And, of course, I don't presently have $450 to spend on a pair of shoes.  So sad.  For a couple hundred less, I could get these fabulous Tabitha Simmons slingbacks, but they aren't in my size.  So so sad.


Found a pretty nice knockoff in these Bebe sandals, which are cute, but lack the fun color of the Miu Miu's and look a little cheap in comparison.  


I bet the black ones especially would be pretty great when I'm not staring at a picture of those gorgeous green platforms.  
Of course, polka dots aren't only limited to your feet!

A few somewhat conventional shapes/styles of polka-dot dresses here (I don't think I'd advise pairing them with the shoes - that's really going for a "look"!). 
1) The first is an OMG SO SHORT super-girlie variation from ASOS.  Somehow it manages to look really cute on the model, but I can't imagine it would fit humans like anything other than a slightly-long shirt.  And who wants a full-skirted tunic?  Or to look vaguely like a five-year-old on picture day?
2) Classic 50s style from Kate Spade, and is only one of the several polka dot dresses on offer at KS, such as the one seen on Bryce Dallas Howard in the new ads.    Navy blue, polka dots, and bows makes for kicky elegance.
3) This femme fatale version is Dolce & Gabbana.  I've got film noir on the brain - I'm watching The Big Sleep, and this seems just like something Lauren Bacall would wear with a beret and low-heeled shoes.  
4) A variation of the girlie style of the ASOS dress without the little-girl-ness of the peter-pan collar.  I've pretty much outgrown Delias, but I still find a few things I think about buying.  You have to beware of forever21 syndrome of the too-short dress, but the cute red dots and basic tank styling make this one hard to pass up.  Definitely something to look for as a summer go-to.  I wish it were under $40 - with Anthro, $40 is a steal, but at Delias, it seems a little more than I want to spend.

Polka dots seem like one of those things that only a summer staple, but I'll explore some more unconventional styles in Part 2.


  1. #3 is spectacular! Definitely something L.B. would pull off effortlessly.

    The green platforms are cute too. I guess.. although I suspect they are helped by being paired against navy/black tights.

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