Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shoe Challenge #9 & 10 - Weekend booties

It was a chilly weekend, but J was here - which means outdoor shots!  Hooray for getting out of the apartment for once.  We took a walk downtown to see Sucker Punch.  I just pulled these boots on over skinny jeans and had to think of the rest of the outfit.  

I wore my new Antonetta blouse from Anthro.  (I just can't resist wearing new stuff!) I pounced on this one in a popback on sale and am really happy with it.  I'll have to work it into an outfit that features it more prominently when I can get away with short sleeves.  This time I threw on an open cardigan from Old Navy, then topped it off with a tweed J. Crew blazer, leather fur-lined gloves (love these!) from Lord&Taylor, & my fave infinity scarf - all in neutrals to coordinate with the boots.  

On Sunday, I was determined to get pictures outside again, but forgot to take my camera to church, so we ended up with pictures in the parking lot before unloading all the groceries.  So romantic, I know!

I wore one of my favorite ebay finds every, this Elevenses wool bias-cut skirt from Anthropologie.  It's one of the first things I ever really wanted from an Anthro (this was 2006, I think), but I couldn't justify spending the bucks on it at that time.  I'm sure I tried to coerce my mom into paying for it, but yeah, that didn't work either.  But after checking periodically around for it for years, I found one in my size on ebay and bought it immediately! 

 Unfortunately, it's a little short, so I usually try to wear tall boots with it to cover up for the slightly weird length.  On this occasion, I wore these Payless blue suede ankle booties, to coordinate with the tiny amount of navy in the skirt and my navy Banana sweater.

These are another seen-on-Gossip-Girl piece, but I actually owned them before Serena wore them on the show (neener neener).  I wear them all the time during the winter - I've already had the heels replaced twice.  I'm amazed how well some of the Payless shoes stand up to wear.  

And with that we're into double digits.  I'm thinking that I'm going to have to be very conscious of wearing my sandals during the nice summery months, or I'm going to have lots of open-toe shoes that might never get saved.  I was hoping the sunshine would mean the opportunity to start moving some of the spring shoes into rotation, but this girl is still too cold to be walking around in open shoes without tights.  Well, I love my tights, so maybe I'll take a few test drives of sandals with tights.

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