Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shoe Challenge #3 - red wedges

Check out my messy apartment!  Yay, casual days!  With my schedule these days, more often than most my days are casual days.  So, my old Delias jeans, navy tank, Anthro layered sweater, and these beat-up Payless wedges that J hates and I wear all the time.  They're so durn comfortable.  And check out the cute "bows" on the front:

Before I started this, I think I would've said that I didn't have any red shoes.  Whoops!  I've already shown you two pair, and I've got more to come.  Hmmm.  Guess I should get out of that way of thinking before I buy another pair of red shoes.  

Of course, by the time I had to leave the house to walk downtown, I looked more like this:

Oh, fabulous winter in Michigan.  But, happily most of the snow has disappeared, so I can fall back into wearing shoes that aren't boots.  Of course, if there isn't any more snow, the boots are going back in the closet until next year.  I'm sure I'll get wear out of them again, but they'll have to shift to the end of the Shoe Challenge.  

So...the layers: navy infinity scarf, Gap knit jacket, black gloves, socks, grey beret.  The coat is too big, but I HAD TO HAVE IT.  Heh - seems to be a pattern with me.  My mea culpa - it was on sale!  Typically I don't button it, so I used an antique brooch to create a double-breasted look.  I got this from my grandma (along with random others), and it works well as a nice accent to all the black & navy I use in my wardrobe.  

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  1. My hatred of those shoes has declined since you've avoided wearing them around me for something like a year now. I looked at the first picture before I read the comments and my first thought was "Those are some cute red shoes."

    Friggin being deceived by wedges... ./sigh