Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shoe Challenge #4 - SteveMadden boots

I web-stalked these boots FOREVER.  They weren't obscenely expensive, but I have a condition wherein it's nearly impossible to spend full price on anything.  And they are boots with holes in the sides, which somewhat limits their usefulness in snow and such.  I just couldn't pull the trigger on them at full price.  In spite of all this, I couldn't let them go. They seemed to satisfy my need to bend to the clog trend without falling head-first into the ugly.  Of course, if you ask J, they're still ugly.  Whatever - I think they're fabulous.  

So, when I got an email from Steve Madden regarding sales, I always checked to see how my precious Geemas were doing.  And last month, by chance, I clicked and they were on clearance.  And the only remaining pair just happened to be my size.  Fate, it seemed, had stepped in.  And happily, I do actually like them as much as I thought I would.  

Apparently, Isaac wanted to be included
This is a step up from casual day, but I do wear professional clothes occasionally, really. The Reed Shirtdress in plaid is very popular on the Anthro blogs, but I have found that it's hard to make it look any different than the last time I wore it, aka shirtdress + wide belt.  Sometimes with tights, or boots, or sandals, but largely somewhat boring.  In an attempt to change it up a bit, I threw this super-cas Jcrew sweatshirt over it, added an acrylic bauble necklace, tights (cause it's still cold!), and the booties.  I'm not completely sold - it turns out I like the slightly-boring girlyness of the dress with a belt.  Ah, well, the booties look great.

In related news, my wrenched knee came back with a vengeance as I was climbing the stairs home in these boots, so the shift back to flats for a day or two was on.  Sad.  

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