Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crazy or Fabulous?

According to this article from Shine, a guy in Long Island hired the set designers of the Sex and the City movie to design a giant walk-in closet for him and (more especially) his wife, ultimately costing $175,000.

Now, I love me a walk-in closet.  I shared a house before I moved into my present apartment, and while the house was nicely spacious, my actual private space was TINY.  Of course, you fill the space you've got, but I went a wee bit farther.  Rather than using the alcove in the bedroom as a place for a reading desk and chair, like my friend who lived down the hall, I fit my queen-sized bed into the alcove (making that thing is a pain, but it fits) and turned the rest of the space into a closet.  There are shelves for my shoes, hanging racks for cardigans, shirts, and skirts, and my sweaters and dresses go inside the original closet space.  It's pretty great, if I might say.  

So...with all that, I love the idea of turning extra space in your apartment into a fabulous closet.  But paying two hundred grand for it?  Seems a bit nutso.  Of course, I don't have that kind of money to begin with, and if I did, maybe I'd spend it on my dream closet.  But I still think I'd be more inclined toward DIY and picking up random bits at garage sales in order to turn my closet into something a bit more me.  

Still, pretty dreamy inspiration, isn't it?  
Source: Warner Bros.


  1. I found your blog through the shoeper shoe challenge, and I hope I don't mind if I follow it - it's always nice to meet people with the same interests :)

    I have to say, this is an amazing closet! I'd love it have it. But I can't say I'd like to spend that much on an actual closet... I'd rather spend it on more clothes & shoes!

  2. Sara - thanks for following! I'm still adjusting to actually updating the blog. Urgh. I agree with you re: the closet. I like my clothes, but I think I'd rather spend that money on more of them. Or fancier shoes. (Or a car - heh).