Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shoe Challenge #8 - Nine West mixed media boots

I like calling these "mixed media boots" because it's like they can't decide what they are - leather upper, suede shaft, faux-snakeskin cap-toe, heel and cuff.  Yeah, they're slightly schizophrenic, but rather practical as dressy brown boots.  

When I was sorting out my shoes for the Shoe Challenge, I realized I had four pairs of brown boots - two dressy that looked almost alike (the others were tweed instead of suede) and two casual that also looked almost alike.  The cheaper pairs got pitched, since I don't even wear brown boots that often.  

I bought these in an after-Christmas sale at NineWest many years ago, but they still look fairly new since I don't wear them often.  The real problem is that the soles are really slick, and therefore the boots fail in the season during which I most need boots - winter.  They were perfect for today, when it was still wet, but not rainy.  I really need to get rubber soles put on them, but I keep putting it off.  It would make them that much more wearable.

It really is that time of year.  Amber posted today about how she still had to deal with cold weather.  We've gotten rid of the snow (hopefully until next year, but I'm not quite that optimistic), but it's still pretty icky out.  The most frustrating thing is that my apartment building has shut off the heat (which is awesomely included in our rent - the main reason I live here) because it's supposedly "warm" outside, but (a) it isn't warm outside, cretins, and (b) even when it is warm, my apartment doesn't get warm because it gets no direct sunlight.  So I've got the spaceheater running, and I spent all of yesterday in my sweats and bundled in a blanket.  Sexy.  

Isaac is wondering what the crazy girl is up to.

Today, however, I had to actually leave the house to take my car in to get serviced.  Since I'm a weak southwesterner, I piled my thickest sweater-dress (hooray for merino wool, and from Victoria's Secret, nonetheless - seriously an underused winter clothes resource), belted it with this Anthro belt and put the boots over brown dotted tights.  The necklace is actually an antique quizzing glass that I got from my mom's jewelry drawer.  

 The boots have a 4inch heel, but are surprisingly sturdy and make for comfortable walking.  My favorite part of the Nine West shoes are that they're actually narrow and so actually fit my narrow feet.  

Looking at that at this very moment, they suddenly strike me as very slightly "rich bitch" shoes.  Now all I need is a mink coat.  

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