Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Style Inspiration: Alessandra Rich

Alessandra Rich is a designer that has been on my radar (I posted her gorgeous lime lace dress as a Wednesday Pretty here) for a while, but I was reminded of her when Evan Rachel Wood wore an Alessandra Rich dress to her movie premier in Venice.  

I think her shoes, as well as the randomly stuck-out leg, ruin the look a bit but what I love is still there: it's so different.  There's no denying the beauty of Elie Saab and his ilk for red carpet gowns, but the austere and restrained style of Rich's designs are such a breath of fresh air for formal dressing.

Here are a few of her looks:

There's lots of mixing of lace and heavy silks (but the two middle dresses are actually stretch cotton!), cut in rather simple and severe styles. I do wonder whether these are dresses that will look good on anyone over a size 2.  At over $1200 a dress, that is a real-world problem my fantasy closet can ignore.  

While I'll likely never have an Alessandra Rich dress, I'm definitely keeping these images in my 'inspiration' file for pattern making and style ideas.  

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