Thursday, September 1, 2011

Irregular Choice

Shoeperwoman's post about the blue bowed Windsor pumps from this morning reminded how much fun Irregular Choice shoes can be.  Often they do tend towards the crazy end of the spectrum, but there's still much to be found.  They're great shoes for those not-high-heel inclined, as Shoperwoman mentioned, since the heels are typically 3" or so, but they're also made with a rather wide toe-box for those with wider feet.  Unfortunately, that's not me, which is one explanation for me not owning any. 

But that's not because I can't find anything I like.  
Patty - £55

I thought about getting these Union Jack heels for my 'something blue' but my sister argued that my brothers might mock me incessantly for wearing a British flag on my feet when I got married.  Heh.  I still want a pair, though.  Think you can get away with wearing them in the UK?  I might lean towards actually owning the floral Pattys, as the flag applique is not so obvious.

Apple Pie - £40

Polka dots!  But what really puts it over-the-top wonderful for me is the cute little wooden apple button.  

Flick Flack - £65

These are heading toward the 'maybe too weird', but I love the mix of patterns.  Could you wear it with anything other than an LBD?  Maybe not (but I think so), but they'd be an adorable addition to something simple.

And my present favorites:

Scottie Dog - £65
They've got a polka dot bow!  And a little grey scottie!  Seriously, I'm gushing over the cuteness right now writing about them.  (Sad, really.)  Again, perhaps a little difficult to coordinate, but when did I ever let that stop me? 

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