Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Asos Heist Bow Platform

A year ago I would have been so turned off by these, but all my recent walking around has me giving chunky heels another look.  They're available on ASOS in four colours, but I definitely find myself leaning toward the more 'tame' of the options (I know, going against all my usual shoe inclinations, aren't I?).  The flat bow reminds me vaguely of those Louis Vuitton bow shoes from last year, but these are more 'cute' than 'elegant & dramatic'.  

It's somewhat unusual to find navy shoes that aren't BORING, so these are a nice change.
That being said, I think that the gold pair might actually prove more versatile.  Think you could get away with wearing these with tights?  I'm actually picturing them in my head paired with socks and a midi skirt.  Too weird?  

Maybe I've outgrown 'cute' and these are a bit much.  Are they something you could imagine adding to your shoe collection? If so, they're for sale at asos.com.

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