Thursday, August 25, 2011

White Loafers at Topshop

Yes, I know I complained about Topshop in this post.  The issue of price vs. quality still applies, but I can't resist browsing through their shoe section.  

Keira Bow Leather Loafers - £52

Vatican Off-white Contrast Loafers - £32

Klara Off-white Tassel Moccasin - £52

The first pair of loafers caught my eye, so I searched around a little bit through their 'loafer' collection to check out the variety.  I'm torn as to whether they're the perfect Katherine Hepburn-esque masculine/feminine shoe, or if they're 10-year-old Catholic schoolgirl shoes.  The Vatican black&creme pair have the most sophistication - with the gold bit and tassel detail - but it's the Keira and Klara pairs that really appeal to me, with the Keiras edging ahead because the creme colour seems far more versatile.  

Argh!  I don't know.  

Has the masculine fashion trend completely melted my brain and affected my judgement?  

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