Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stationery + Shoes = LOVE

One of my ongoing loves is stationery.  Knowing how much I appreciate getting real mail, I make an effort to send cards for random holidays or just because.  Besides which, it's much more fun to buy cards and paper so that other people than me can enjoy it.  I've found that, realistically, it's most useful to have some nice, plain cards (like these from Crane) that can be used for any occasion. 

I stumbled upon these fabulous 'Shoegazing' cards at Modcloth's apartment section.  

It contains 20 different pictures of shoes - including shiny flats, pointy-toed heels, and even some roller skates - in various settings. Pretty perfect for the shoe-spotting blogger, eh?  

The pictures, done by Janine Vangool are really beautifully composed.  Part of me is inclined to keep the cards, frame them, and use them as a fun decorating feature.  Hmmm...

Shoegazing notecards for sale at

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