Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Big Anthro Sale This Week

ETA: This was supposed to go up yesterday, but our internet is SLOOOOOOOOW.  Ugh.  I can't wait until we get into our actual flat with non-crap internet services.

There was sale last week, but I had a bit of depression re: Anthro sales.  See, the Anthropologie here just isn't as good.  It's still finding its feet, and the stores just don't have the personality of those at home (as little as I actually got into the store, that is).  Also, I don't know if it's limited bandwidth space or what, but the Euro Anthro site sorta sucks.  No wishlists!  How am I supposed to keep track of the things I like without a wishlist?  I've gotten so spoiled!  So...when there was sale last week, a couple of things in my wishlist that I'd been waiting on got marked down, but all I could think was that my purchases would end up sitting at my brother's house in Tejas, rather than coming to me in London in any stretch of time.  And I just got a little sad.  It's probably very good for my spending habits, because now I have to put off instant gratification and think about whether I'll still like the thing if I don't actually get it for a few months.  We'll see how this all plays out.

Anyhoo, there was tons of stuff on sale this week at Anthropologie.  Looks like they're really clearing out summer stock.  In proportion to the amount of stuff up on offer, my eye was drawn to relatively little, actually.  

It's been a chilly summer here in London, but I know that my US friends are trying to keep from melting.  Maybe a few airy maxi dresses would be right up their alley:

Parallel Flights Dress - now $100

Floral Sketch Maxi Dress - now $200

Mementos Maxi Dress - now $100

Summer Ballad Maxi - now $50

Or for a bit of difference:  

Up-Do Mini-Dress - now $90
This one is cute, but is it a little too twee? I wish there were a picture of it on someone, or a review.  There are so many questions: how does it fit up top?  Are the canvas straps just weird?  Is it super-short?

Contrasting Halves Dress - now $120

This is cute, though not really my thing.  It did, however, make me think of my sister-in-law, who just traveled to Mexico.  A little too on-point, or perfect for a Mazatlán vacation?

How about a gorgeous little night-dress?:

Impressionist Dreams Chemise - now $40

There are also plenty of accessories:

Sketched Lace-Up Wedges - now $80

(Now that I've been walking several miles through London for the last three weeks, I understand completely why people wear wedges.  And I find these just adorable - though not too practical outside of summer, of course.)

Nomad Scarf Bag - now $50

Apogee Earrings - now $20

And my absolute favorites from the sale (I'm really, really, really trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on these.  Argh!)
I've tried both on in store, and think they've got really possibility to be not-only-for-summer tops.  Help me decide?

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