Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wardrobe Wishes

While it doesn't always work as planned, I've been working on a list of must-haves that my wardrobe is sadly lacking, in an attempt to limit my impulse purchases of fun, but not practical, additions.  Some of the items are slightly 'trendy' but they have to have the staying power of classics. 

Some of the problems lie in several factors: (a) to buy a classic, keep-forever piece, you really don't want to scrimp too much, but my cheap side dominates my spending habits, keeping me from making investment purchases, (b) to buy an investment piece, it should tick all the boxes, but some of these pieces are difficult to find...or at least, difficult to find exactly what I've got in my mind's eye.  

Here's my list:

1) fitted jean jacket

It needs to have a very small amount of shrunken character.  I finally donated my old Guess jean jacket I've had since high school - it was fine, but didn't have the more sophisticated fit I was looking for.  This classic from Levi is really what I'm going for.

Levi's Classic Denim Jacket - $155

2) blanket coat

My ideal is this Oasis coat from last season (and long-since sold out)

These examples from Vince are nice, but a little too cardigan-like. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for that something perfect.

Vince Stripe Blanket Coat - $395
Vince Colorblock Blanket Coat - $395

3) high-waist, wide-leg trousers in black or navy

Finding wide-leg trousers that are actually wide-leg and not just basically-straight-leg has proved difficult.  Also, even though a higher waist is coming into fashion, the combination of the two isn't as prevalent as I would hope.  I've found a few expensive options.

Alexander Wang Wide Leg Pant - $450

Lafayette 148 Ludlow Wide Leg Trousers - $348

I may take a stab at these first (though my trouser-making skills are not tip-top), especially if I can pick up the pattern during a Jo-Ann's Vogue pattern sale.  

Vogue 8717

4) midi-skirt

Looking at the high-fashion mags, the midi skirt (just-past-knee length) might already be on its way out again, but I don't care.  I still love my minis, but the flowy dirndl skirt look really appeals to me.  And in a basic or neutral, it would be a really versatile piece.

Asos Drapey Pocket Midi Skirt - $64

Asos Midi Skirt with Pleats - $64

5) black Hunter boots

I've actually got a pair of green Hunter farm boots from my veterinary/farm days, which are very useful to digging the car out of snow or walking through cow/sheep enclosures.  Unfortunately, they're really heavy, which means wearing them for general walking in snow/rain, they're not terribly useful.  Since we're going to be in the land of year-round rain for a few years at least, I think this is the perfect time to invest in another pair of Hunters - this time in basic black.  My sister-in-law got a pair of the standard rain boots for Christmas a few years ago, and I've been jealous ever since.  I did, however, want to pick a boot with enough style that I could easily wear them with skirts without looking like a small child, so I decided upon the lace-up Watling.  

Hunter Watling - $175

6) high-waist skinny jeans

I mentioned these in my J. Crew post yesterday.  I basically only wear skinny jeans (I do have a trouser pair, but they hardly ever get any use), and last year decided to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive pair than my usual Gap ones.  Unfortunately, the Joe's Jeans that I bought have lost a bit of their deep wash colour and have stretched out in the knees.  What they do have going for them is a higher rise, so that I don't feel like my butt is going to fall out of my jeans when I lean over (and actually problem with my older skinny denim).  Since I've worn several of J.Crew's slim-fit trousers and cords, I'm holding hope that these jeans might work well for me.  

Do you have closet basics?  Or basic wishes?  What's the one thing you're missing from your wardrobe?

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