Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Arrivals at Zara

I always seem to forget that Zara exists, even though it's really popular here, and it certainly is present in the US - plus, the popularity has only increased with the interest in the Middleton sisters' wardrobes (they're huge fans of the shop, if you didn't know).

Zara is a fabulous place to get what I think of as proper wardrobe basics.  I guess I'd call them 'classics', differentiated from the 'basics' I'd get from H&M: things like cami tops in every colour and t-shirts.  Zara is somewhat like a more fashion-forward Banana Republic - well-made but inexpensive (relatively) workwear and knitwear.  The fall arrivals at Zara are really no different.  While the looks fulfill the trends for fall and winter, I could see these items in full rotation for years to come.  

I've picked out my favorites here:

Dress with Contrasting Sleeves - £40
Mod-style shift dresses are 'bang on trend' (heh - that is the worst phrasing ever but I just had to use it), and I'm a sucker for a long-sleeved dress.  I especially like how the sleeves are a different colour but don't stand out, yelling 'look at me!  I'm a contrasting sleeve! (not literally, of course - a yelling sleeve would freak me out).

Two-Tone Skirt - £25
Pencil skirts = always useful.  The side stripes add a little fun and are slimming to boot.

Palazzo Trousers - £40
See?  Wide-leg trousers that don't have a wide leg.  These drapey trousers are elegant, though, aren't they?  Unfortunately, I can't imagine creme trousers faring well in London streets in the winter.  

Large Two-Tone Clutch - £90
What a great splash of colour to add to any of the above items.  Unfortunately, the price is a little 'gulp!'.  

Male Vigore Coat - £100
I really don't need another fall/winter coat (as much as I would like to phase out my old black one), but I just can't stop going back to this one.  Elegant and practical at the same time.  Hopefully not too boxy in person.  

Plus: hey!  It's much cheaper than the Burberry Prorsum one. 

Do you shop at Zara.  Find anything interesting in the new arrivals?  

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