Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shoe Challenge #16 & #17

Jas so was opposed to my owning boat shoes that I knew I'd never be able to splurge on Sperry Topsiders.  So when I found these pair at Target for $10, I had to jump on them.  

They're a blue that's a bit difficult to match with things, but they do work really well with all the blue in my wardrobe.  Perfect with this gap breton-stripe tee and my skinny jeans.

And unfortunately, they got all washed out in my pictures.  

They're not as versatile as my ballet flats, but I just love their laid-back style during the summer.

Being summer - it's time to wear my sandals while I can!

These Nine West sandals are some of my favorite shoes, but they're so barely-there that I don't get as much use of them as I'd like.  They fit perfectly, so I don't worry about stepping out of them (my usual worry with d'orsay shoes), and I love the big buckle on the heel.

Their olive & brown colour scheme works basically as a neutral, but I combined them with this animal-print J.Crew jacket which I threw arbitrarily over my pink Tucker for Target dress.

Check out how pale my feet are!  

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