Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Bit of A Sale

Well, the sale at Anthro today started off small, but got a bit bigger - the site has been slowly increasing the amount of things it showed as marked down.  By the time I got through it all, I'd only ended up with a small collection of 'likes'.  

It does seem like they're fully transitioning into fall, with a lot of basic tees and all their sandals on sale.

I almost pulled the trigger on the Embroidery Pattern Skirt, which got a second mark down, but just couldn't do it.  We'll see if it hangs around on the site for a day or two.  

There's also free shipping going on now, but only if you include a full-priced item in your order.  Seems like a smart business strategy on the part of Anthropologie, since I never buy full-price there, but this has made me think about it.  Of course, you've got to balance the price of your item vs. the price of shipping.  'Did you add this $20 item just so you could save $9 in shipping?  Is that really logical?'  :-)

Anyway....on to the sale!  Here are my few pieces of choice:

Longwing Pullover - now $50

Hopefully you'd wear this over a cami, and not just over your bra like I've seen some girls in London do.  Please, please, don't succumb to the sheer-shirt craze.  I actually had just added this to my wishlist yesterday.  Guess I didn't notice it on the site previously.  Cute - and could be worn over a dress or a long-sleeve tee just as easily going into fall.

Baubled Fan Pullover - now $70

This has been getting lots of interest over at Effortless Anthropologie, and has rave reviews at Anthro.  I tried this on during my visit to the Regent Street shop last month.  It really is cute, but I found the fabric to be horrible.  Weirdly stiff and itchy and polyester-like.  Ick.  After trying it on with several skirts, it grew on me a lot, so I think the initial impression of the material was something I could get over.  But probably not for $70.  

Oops - this is supposed to be my items of choice.  It's cute!  Really!  Sorry if I just talked you right out of it.

Cairngaan Point Cardigan - now $60
This is another item I didn't spot on the site previously.  I know, I know - I've got enough navy cardigans (it does come in ivory and moss green, but the navy looks the best online).  I've seen no sign of this on in the stores, and I wonder whether it's more diaphanous than it seems, as has been the case with many of the newish Anthro cardigans.  I would like to see it in person before pulling the trigger, and I certainly don't need it, but something about it makes me want to belt it over a turtleneck and brown boots and walk through the heather.  

Now, J hates jersey dresses (I've talked him around this a little) and so I'm glad this dress wasn't around 6 months ago, because I think I would have pushed heavily to have this be our bridesmaids' dress choice.  For a jersey dress, it's versatile enough that I can easily picture it dressed up with the appropriate accessories.  I love the draped neck and the perfect-for-whirling skirt.  Why do you think they call it the 'Whirligig'?  

Of course, there's plenty more in the sale section at anthropologie.com.  Anything catch your eye?

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