Friday, September 23, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Alina High Boots

J and I stopped by the Tommy Hilfiger store on Regent Street during Fashion Night Out last week, which was a weird experience in and of itself.  It's like a weird little swath of Americana in London: Tommy, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers.  I'm sure the preppy can be popular here, but it still feels weird to be in such an American store.  Ha.  

Anyway, I was distracted by the shoes on the mannequins in the windows.  I don't think I would ever think 'Tommy Hilfiger' for shoes... but man, do they have CUTE shoes.  

The mannequin was wearing tasseled loafer sandals that I can find hide nor hair of online.  Silly me for forgetting my camera!  There was a girl there (employee, likely) wearing heeled knee-high duck boots, and loafers were definitely high on the list.  As 'preppy Americana' as it is in my head, such things do fit in well with the 'British Heritage' trend that's hitting heavily in London for Fall.  

So, while they're horribly out of any conceivable price range I have set for myself, I adore these boots.  They'd not even be a suitable replacement for the Hunter Watleys that I like so much, because the zipper up the inside leg ruins any real waterproof aspect.  I do wish they just laced up.  I HATE that those front laces are just decorative.  Boo, designers!  Boo!  Apparently people do not like shoes that require them to work to put them on.  Maybe we all need velcro track shoes as well.  (Ok, rant over - though I am determined to find a collection of boots that actually lace.)

I've been feeling in a rustic sort of mood and these boots fit perfectly...if you wear heels while being rustic, of course.  (Of course!)  Whatever else, they look comfortable, stylish and classic.  I love when the trends coincide with my natural style inclinations.  One pair in a 6, please!

If you want to splurge on boots, these are £210 at

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