Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shoe Challenge Catch-Up

I'm claiming moving and wedding planning as excuses for being completely AWOL on Shoeperwoman's shoe challenge.  I'm actually going to have to do a re-assessing post on my shoe collection, since I had to downsize for the move (which meant that many of my less-worn or more-difficult-to-walk-in pairs were put in storage/given away to Goodwill).  

But, before the re-assessment begins and I order a re-count, here are the pairs worn (well, documented) before we moved abroad:

Shoe #18: Seychelles Taxi Yellow Sandals

Ah, springy rain when it was warm enough for shorts and no jacket!  How I miss you.  I've had these shoes forever; they're super comfortable (probably because they have a mid-heel height) and the bright yellow always cheers me up.  On this occasion I paired them with this DVF wrap top I got off ebay after seeing it on Gossip Girl, and my Target navy chambray pleated shorts.  And yes, we're hanging out in parking garage - it was the only place big enough J and I could find to practice our dance skills out of the public eye.  I definitely changed shoes for the dancing practice since I kept kicking these off. :-)

Shoe #19: Calvin Klein Lizard Print Carley

Easter Vigil outfit requires a hat.  This year, it also required tights and a jacket - a bit of shock considering how lovely it had been a few days before.  I find these shoes to be entirely versatile - the silvery color and the sturdy-ish platform & heel make them pretty easy to wear.  They also make me really tall, which I love.  I managed to put together an Anthro-heavy outfit for mass that evening: Learning Curve tweed dress, grey Ring around the Ring belt, floral cardigan, dotty tights.  The hat is something I got at Urban a billion years ago, and the anorak is an MK2K piece I picked up for a steal online - far ahead of the anorak trend, handily. 

Shoe #20: J. Crew Pink Satin Slingbacks

Look!  Summer!  

I've read online complaints about J. Crew shoes being horribly uncomfortable; I haven't found that to be the case, but these do definitely require insoles.  The ballet pink is a bit girly, but it works really nicely as a kind-of-neutral in the spring and summer.  I decided to play up the girly aspect by wearing an even lighter pink top with a deep-v and bow back (from Victoria's Secret, actually!), and a turquoise silk Tracy Reese skirt, paired with a pink belt.  Too matchy-matchy, maybe?  But it felt like a wonderful embrace of springy weather.

Shoe #21: Miss Albright Knotted Sandals

Hanging out at J's and tooling around Lansing.  Too lazy and hot to put together much of an outfit: Cooperative Designs sweater dress & sandals.  This is another dress I scored in a major deal after seeing it on Gossip Girl.  Hooray for stalking tv characters' wardrobes!

Shoe #22: Jack Purcell Canvas Sneakers

Yes, these are boring.  I started lusting after the Jack Purcells when they were paired with a slim-fitting suit in a J.Crew catalogue - and it looked so blasé and cool.  I got a coupon code from Lucky and just had to pull the trigger.  J hated the at first (he's morally opposed to Converse - which, well, they do look like teenagers' shoes), but I think they've grown on him a bit. 

 I had packed a pair of sandals for our vacation to Mackinac, but the sneakers definitely got the most use.  What else are you supposed to wear on an island where you have to bike, walk, or horseback ride everywhere?  

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