Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn's Here with an Anthropologie Sale

Lots of markdowns at the US Anthro online this morning.  This, plus the big autumn sale in the UK means lots of decisions not to buy stuff for me this week.  Also, word of mouth is that there will be an extra 25% of sale in the US starting this morning.  We'll see if that pops up - that might push the decision to buy in Anthro's favour.  Must keep to budget!!!

This morning really was a case of 'water, water all around, but not a drop to drink'.  The only thing that I've added to my shopping basket so far is a headband that went on sale.  Whoo, big spender!  I've got a few things languishing in my cart and wish list, but I was really hoping for some double mark-downs.  Sad.  But as I haven't caved yet, I don't see any reason to now.  (Maybe that extra 25% will be enough reason - who knows?)

Quite a few cute finds in the sale, just nothing that pushed me to buy.  Let's see what you think:

Ribboned Chenille Pullover - now $90

I've gone back and forth on this one.  The cropped silhouette is so very early-90s, but it just looks so cozy.  The inter-woven ribbon is a nice touch.  Still WAY too much at $90 though.

Ribbon Glimpse Cardigan - now $50

A basic gray cardigan made of super-soft knit.  The covered placquet is a nice touch, but I hate those little pockets that will inevitably droop weirdly.  

Cabled Cocoon Poncho - now $60

I lusted after a J.Crew pullover in this same colour for months last year, until it sold out online and was never seen again.  This, too, suffers from the same two problems: too expensive (even on sale), and 'will this colour look terrible on me'?  This could easily be a wonderful transition piece for the time-before-you're-freezing-and-need-a-coat, plus the loosened turtleneck keeps the look relaxed.  

I think it corresponds to my new penchant for high-waisted trousers, but I really like these drapey, billowy blouses:

l to r: Arced Crosshatch Blouse - now $70; Quisqualis Peasant Top - now $150; Coeurs Blouse - now $40

I actually purchased the Arced Crosshatch Blouse at the Regent Street Anthro last week - it had reached second markdown here, I think mostly because it looks like a shapeless mess on the hanger.  But I absolutely adore it; it's the most luscious silk and it quite flattering.  I really like the pattern of the Quisqualis top, but for $150?  No way.

High IQ Corduroys - now $60

Speaking of high-waisted trousers, I love that these cords come in navy.  And in tall and short sizes.  Frankly, they're not even that expensive on sale.  Hmmm....

Felt Almond Heels - now $70

There are several pairs of shoes I'm presently stalking at Anthropologie, but these beauties on my wishlist just hit sale.  I love the 40s-style vamp, the felt is fun, and the grey is versatile.  There are tons of shoes at Anthro at the moment, though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed these will keep for a while.  I'll be sad if I miss them, but not brokenhearted.  

l to r: Gem Tree Drops - now $30; Brazzle Posts - now $15; Animation Origin Hoops - now $20

I typically keep my earrings pretty simple, and these prices are causing me to look twice.  Maybe it'll be an accessories-heavy purchasing period for me.  

l to r: Sky Ladder Necklace - now $30; Nyathi Necklace - now $30; Swathed Sky Necklace - now $30;
Popped Tiers Necklace - now $50

What goes for earrings does not always apply to other jewelry.  I do like my basic chains and such, but every now and then, a girl needs something fun and chunky to put on.

top to bottom: Peahen Belt - now $50; Firefly Belt - now $50; Crabapple Belt - now $50

Finally, I love these cute little belts.  I can't help but feel like $50 is a bit much for what is basically an elastic belt, even if they do have adorable clasps.  Ah, well, c'est la vie.

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