Monday, April 4, 2011

Shoe Challenge #11 - J.Crew flats

So, J and I started our private dance classes to prepare for the reception first dance.  Which meant a trip over to Lansing.  Which surprisingly resulted in some nice outdoor shots.  I cannot wait until it's sunny again!  

Dressing for ballroom dancing when it's still cold outside means comfortable trousers (I tried jeans once, and what a pain that was) and lots of layers.  I tried out my new Gap tuxedo trousers that I pick up on clearance during the Give & Get discount.  

I wore my convertible Anthro sweater/dress/coat/cardigan as an outer layer.  I LOVE this thing; it's so versatile and cozy.  

These are my true "ballet flats" flats.  They're also the once exception to my "I don't pay for than $15 for flats rule" since they were a Christmas gift.  I know that not everyone agrees, but I find the J.Crew shoes to be fairly comfortable.  I love the little gold bows on these.

Of course, I switched to my ballroom shoes for the lesson.  Dancing ballroom in flats would just be weird.  

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