Thursday, April 7, 2011

Off to Chi-Town

Yay, Chicago!  One of my favorite US cities.  We're off for the weekend for my bridal shower and to visit some friends, and I'm quite excited (maybe just to be getting out of the house!).  

I haven't gone to Chicago with other people in a while, so it'll be interesting figuring out things for everyone to do.  Ha - I'm so used to being on my own in the city.  

One place I'm sure it get to is Anthropologie, but I haven't been since they closed the old store and moved it over nearer to Water Tower Place.  Should be interesting.  I think J keeps his fingers crossed that I don't spend any money.  

Also, we're having an outing to the Art Institute before the shower technically begins.  Not only will I get to see some of my favorite works of art, there's also a special exhibition coming through of French Renaissance Art.

(I'm pretty sure that's Netherlandish, actually, but who's counting?)

Ever been to Chicago?  What are your favorite things to do there?

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