Thursday, April 21, 2011

What zhe hell?

source: redcarpet-fashionawards

Here's Eva Mendes looking gorgeous in a summery floral dress, which according to RedCarpet FashionAwards, is from Free People.  So, hey, a dress worn by celebrities in my price range!  Cute!  Let's check it out:

Okay, I guess I made a stupid assumption on price, since this dress is priced at $268.  Okay - is it made of silk?  No, organic cotton.  Okay - is the quality of the piece exceptional?  IT HAS RAW HEMS!  Seriously?  Unfinished hems is a look, I understand, but to charge nearly $300 for it?  I'm dumbfounded.  Oh, wait.  It's by "Daughters of the Revolution".   A designer dress.  Worn by a celebrity.  I get it.


(And I swear that Eva's dress looks like the hem is finished.)

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  1. On Eva it looks not so good. Sorry. Very eighties and blah. Better on Free People girl but still not worth $300.