Monday, April 18, 2011

Rainy Chicago and Shoe Challenge #14 - Seychelles Apple-a-Day heels

The Chicago weekend was a blast.  This was our view from our hotel room: 

Yep, that's the old Marshall Field's building, now sadly a Macy's. And yes, it was rainy all weekend.  But fairly warm, so that's something. Macy's was having its annual flower show, and the store was covered in these absolutely gorgeous fresh flower arrangements.

It smelled wonderful - and not like overly mixed perfume like the cosmetics area usually smells.  Although they've added a Lush counter and you can literally smell it from outside.  Heh.  All those amazing flower arrangements did make me sad for a bit that we're not having impressive flowers for the wedding.  Ah, well.  Priorities, priorities.  It's not really a "flower" style wedding anyway.  I've always wanted to be one of those people who has fresh flowers in their house/apartment.  Maybe that'll be a mark of being a grown-up?  

Some of the other bridal shower attendees (including my SILs, who brought along my new nephew!) joined me Saturday morning for a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, my favorite museum in the city.  

We didn't actually get through the whole museum (their collection is massive, and wonderfully curated, if you've never been).  I made a beeline for the visiting exhibition of renaissance art (no pictures allowed - not surprising, but still sad), then made sure to hit up the a few of my favorites on the second floor.  Unfortunately, I didn't get over to the mod art wing to see my fave Kandinsky, but we did get to see the Chagall windows, which have been in storage for the last few years I've gone while the Institute was under construction.  

I wore my tan Seychelles with a BR wrap dress and threw on an old J.Crew cabled cardi because I knew I'd be cold.  I love these heels - they've got a sturdy heel and are neutral, so they go with anything.  They are also remarkably comfortable, but I was starting to get blisters because (long story!) I had to super-speed-walk from River North where the El had issues down to the Institute.  The shoes may be comfy, but my baby toes had blisters after walking a mile in under 20 mins.  Luckily, a friend of mine had plasters in her handbag - problem (temporarily) solved!

Post-art browsing, we had a blast at the shower - I've got some great friends and family.  Then I "dragged" my SILs and my mom down to Water Tower Place for some evening shopping and a nice, slow walk back to the Loop for dinner.  

We stopped by the Wrigley Building to get some pictures in the drizzle. Definitely needed the scarf and trench coat by then.

Thanks for the fun weekend guys!

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