Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shoe Challenge #15 - Schuh Herringbone Kitten Heels

Ugh.  After days of nice weather, we got hit with snow and rain in quick succession.  Ick.  Guess Spring is coming on a little slower than before.  At least our grass is super-duper-green.  And it was so nice to be out of the apartment, even if it was still damp and ugly outside.

Hey - rainy day hair!
Rain stopped and we meandered downtown to drop off some books at the library and pick up a pair of trousers from the tailors.  Very exciting, all around, right?  This was my first chance to wear my new LilaMolly cardigan that I picked up from Anthro during the Chicago trip (on double markdown - score!).  I did a little brown/black mixing with the b/w shoes and these dark brown J.Crew bootcut cords to coordinate with the cardi.

I've had both these kitten heels and the awesome pashmina from my first year in Scotland nearly 8 years ago (geesh!).  I'm surprised they've both held up so well, but I don't honestly wear heels this low very often.  They're very pointy-toed, which was apparently very in around 2004 since I have several shoes from the era in a similar style - many of which didn't survive the shoe-collection-culling that began the shoe challenge endeavour.  I think it was the fab herringbone tweediness of these that forced me to hold onto them.  And they're actually pretty great for a comfy dressy shoe that is really easy to walk in.  Glad I saved them, I think.  :-)

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