Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blunt-Toe Flats

Yesterday I mentioned my sis-in-law's JS shoes.  They were, in fact, these Leve flats:

And that got me thinking about blunt-toe flats.  I really like this take on the ballet flat, making the shoes look more like pointe shoes than a typically ballet shoe.  Turns out, this must have been a trend that completely flew me by, since many of the styles are on sale or sold out.  My SIL definitely got hers on sale.  Unfortunately, the color of Leve flats that I like is one of the few still at full price.  It figures.

Leve flat @ Lord&Taylor - $60

After some digging, I found an assortment of variations on a theme from a range of prices:

All Black Soft Blunt Ballet Flat - $110

Nine West Loredana flat - $25-60

Pierre Dumas Moni-6 flat - $15-25

ZiGiny Ginger ballet flat - $24-60

All Black Blunt Snake ballet flat - $47-112

Gabrielle Rocha Ady flat - $70

My second favorites are the Pierre Dumas pair in bronze, which, of course, do not exist in my size.  Grrr!  Guess I will begin stalking the blue Leve flats for sale.  Wish me luck!

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