Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! - Shoes on Random

I'm a sporadic Nordstrom shopper (their customer service is second-to-none in Dallas, but the horrific salespeople at the Nordstrom in Troy nearly put me off shopping there forever).  Frankly, I get a little overwhelmed by department stores.  

Nevertheless, I do know that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a bit of a religion among some fashionistas.  I did a bit of browsing after spotting these boots on Possessionista:

Fergie Varsity Boot - now $160

Gorgeous, aren't they?  The look is a little marred by the zipper up the back - I'm trying to decide whether the zip on the back or on the inside is a worse look... But I love the straps, and the relatively low heel means that wearing them all day is easily doable.  

I'm progressing quickly to a fall mood, as you can tell from the rest of my shoe picks.  I'm afraid they ended up all over the place, but where they did not end up was sandal country.  

Also in the strappy-boot category were these by Frye (ergo, more expensive, but also more worth-the-price):

Frye Jane Strappy Boot - now $240
I like the colours here better, and they kinda make the previous pair look cheap.  I don't know whether the ruggedness (which is part of why you buy Fryes, surely?) is something I would wear a lot of.  Also, the weird stitching along the top seems a bit haphazard.  

Ooops.  Did I just talk myself entirely out of them?

Well, then, how about these:

Steve Madden Miidori Buckle Boots - now $130
Another pair of boots marred by a bloody great zipper up the instep?  Boo!  Still, the height of the boot shaft, the buckled straps and the low heel appeal to me.  I'd probably go for the black, since it would hide the zip a bit and I've got very similar boots in a camel colour, which is probably a bit to similar to justify.  :-P

And in the less-practical-but-fabulous boot category, I selected:

Cole Haan Air Kennedy Flannel & Leather Boot - now $250
(Surely if anyone can make 4" heeled boots comfortable, Cole Haan can?)

DV by Dolce Vita Wyatt Bootie - now $80
(These seem perfect to wear with skinny jeans)

Finally, in the off-the-wall column, I'm a little torn on these mens-slipper-inspired flats:
Steven by Steve Madden Madee Slip-On
I'd be tempted to find an elaborate monogram patch to sew on the front to complete the picture.  Don't they look sumptuous, though?  That flannel would get ruined in a second in the rain, but they just look like the perfect loafing-through-the-shops shoes.  

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