Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anthro Sale!

Time for the weekly (seems like it, at least) Anthropologie sale post!  

Anthro made some odd choices regarding sale stuff this week, 'dime-ing out' several of the things I've had sitting in my wishlist, essentially making them unavailable for sale, even though they seem to still be in stock.  Very, very strange.  I suppose it's their way of getting rid of old stock and cycling out some online storage space.  But since wishlist-stalking for pop-backed items is a huge part of my fun on the Anthro site, I feel a bit robbed by it.  

So...no real 2nd or 3rd markdowns this week for my interests (check out the comments on this post at effortlessanthropologie.com for other markdowns).  

My second problem is that I'm mentally already switching out of summer mode, and so much of the sale just is already beyond what I'm looking for.  

Of course, there were still a few sale items that did catch my eye:

Embroidery Pattern Skirt - now $70
I think this my favorite of the lot, but still to expensive for my budget at the moment.  I love the silkiness of it in contrast to the apparent tapestry pattern.  However, according to the reviews, there is no lining - which means that it's perfect for summer, but seems like (a) a detail that Anthro doesn't usually miss out on, and (b) that it might make it less useful year-round.  In addition, a strange part of me wishes it was tapestry weight, just because I think that would make it a more unusual item to add to my skirt collection.

Voile Maxi skirt - now $130

Now that's a summery skirt.  I especially love the tea length and the massive amount of thin voile layers.  Gorgeous, and probably well worth that price, if you can swing it.

The tops I ended up liking from the sale selection are unlikely to ever find their way into my shopping bag, due entirely to the fact that I can't see spending this much cash on sheer tops that require an additional piece of underlayer (not provided, of course) in order to be decent.   I'll hold out for some fall-ish tops in a month or two.  If they're up your alley, 
they do look perfect for summer, and beautiful on the dress form.

Dogwood Blouse - now $50
Campfire Shirt - now $40

Cadence Blouse - now $50

Or how about some delicate jewelry?:
Point of Sail Hoops - now $20

Or a quite expensive, but GORGEOUS scarf?:

Unalloyed Scarf - now $100

I'm a strong proponent of buying absolutely huge scarves, which can be used as a wrap or a blanket and goes this lots of your closet.  I've got a blue pashmina from ages ago that gets loads of use this way.  I suppose I wouldn't be opposed to adding another to my collection (heh).  

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