Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What would you buy? - Standard Pumps

So, I've been trying to be more practical about what shoes I have in my closet and what I need on a more day-to-day basis.  There are two big reasons for this: 

1) We may be moving post-wedding to a more walking-heavy location, and that means more 'practical' shoe choices (besides which, moving may mean massively trimming down on the shoe collection)

2) I have a rather deep dearth of standard pumps/platforms that should be the base for a shoe wardrobe

3) I feel like you should spend 'real money' (aka, more than $30 a pair) for shoes that will be classics, and I never really want to spend that much because I'm such an impulse buyer that I end up with what I've got, which is tons of mid-range expensive shoes that are cute but not as versatile as I'd like.

So, I'm trying to keep my eye out for high-end 'standard' shoes to save up for.

Here's my list at the moment of basic pumps/platforms:

Louboutin Rolando pump (in black or cherry) - $795

Louboutin Bibi Suede Platform (in brown) - $795

Louboutin Leather Bibi Platform (in beige or cognac) - $795

Brian Atwood Power Suede Platforms (in coffee and nude) - $575

Jimmy Choo Patent Platform (in black and nude) - $695

Favorites?  Or favorites not from the list?  What are your go-to pair of shoes?

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