Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anthro Tag Sale!

It's that time of year for Anthropologie's big tag sale.  Whenever a somewhat sizeable sale like this comes along, I am more struck by the sheer amount of stock that Anthro carries than I am overwhelmed by things to buy.  I always check my wishlists first before looking at general sale stock, and very few things on my wishlist dropped. But then a quick perusal of the items on sale reveals how much I have just dipped a toe into the amount of things up for sale on the website.  How is it that so many items that go on sale are things I swear I've never seen before?  

Sometime this is very good for my budget, since I'm pretty good at sticking to my wishlist items, but sometimes I can't resist searching through ALL the stock just to see what I've been missing.  Heh.

So, here's my picks from the Anthro sale.  

Lots of shoes on sale, but not many in my price range/style choices:

Good for the Sole heels - now $40

Emerald Isle Wedges - now $80

This weather has me wishing for some transitional tops:

Mooring Line top - now $40

Light As Air pullover - now $40

Palindrome sweater - now $130

I love the vibrancy and detail of this top:

Nature Collage blouse - now $100

Or a useful layering item:

Standing Ovation cardi - now $50

There are some great dresses, but my closet is a little dressed-out right now, so how about some cute skirts:

Plaited Brushstroke skirt - now $50

Calm Seas skirt - now $30

This romper is kinda ridiculous.  And a romper.  And has a stupid-looking zipper up the back.  But I can't help thinking it looks really comfortable and cute.  Agh!:

Poise & Repose romper - now $50

And I can't resist the appeal of some very summery hats:
Above the Fray cap - now $30
Strawberry Ice fedora - now $80

I encourage you to go check it out - now on both online at anthropologie.com and in stores.  

Let me know if you find anything fabulous!

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