Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anthro Sale!

I'm back!  It has been a crazy month with wedding and moving going on.  I've got a huge store of Shoe Challenge posts to catch up on, but I figured that a new Anthropologie sale was just the thing to get me back into the swing of blogging.  

Anthro's been unloading a lot of stock into sale here-and-there throughout the early summer.  As usual, it seems to end up being lots of things I never even saw on the site!  Too much loveliness to keep track of, it seems.

So how about a summery shift in my new favorite coral colour:

Sunbaked Shift - now $70

While I do live near the water, beaches in Michigan aren't exactly warm.  Besides, I'm a southerner (and a wuss, by Michigander standards), so I'm wearing a sweater over my swimsuit.  But if I lived in a tropical locale, or were going on a beach vacation, I'd be all over this amazing white cover-up.  Or does it look too much like a sheet you wrapped around yourself?

Coconut Pearl Cover-Up - now $70

Since it's summer, can you ever have too many drapey tops?

First Hints Blouse - now $60

Super Nova Tank - now $150
(Gorgeous!  Why does this cost so much!?)

Notched Cowlneck - now $50

And my favorites (to purchase or not to purchase, that is the question):
Tumbling Swathes Top - now $40
Ride the Wave Poncho - now $40

There are also floral print options if you prefer pencil skirt:

Gladiolus Skirt - now $50
Or a full skirt:

Apothecary Skirt - now $50
There are cute sandals:

Blush Sandals - now $100
Or sandals that look like you injured yourself:

Enveloping Sandals - now $70
(Seriously, don't they look like ace bandages?  But, apparently, the bandaged-foot look is popular, since they're almost sold out!)

And finally, this isn't on sale, but I've been lusting after silk robe lately, and this one is beautiful.  And yellow!  Now I'm craving mangoes.  
Lassi Robe - $130

I have found that (sadly!) $130 for a silk robe isn't actually that expensive.  But I just can't justify the purchase.  I think I'll stalk it and dream.  

Did you make any purchases from Anthro lately?

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