Monday, February 14, 2011

Shoe Challenge - Day 1

I figured a little touch of red was perfect for Valentine's Day.  These are Lela Rose for Payless, and I picked them up when they went on sale in December.  I had to order them from, since unfortch, the Payless stores of southwestern Michigan are somewhat limited in their in-store stock.  Payless does have this awesome thing wherein you can have the shoes delivered to your nearest store for free; the girls were so cute when I picked up my shoes - they made me show them off.  

Check out all those shoe boxes put away again!

No big events for the holiday - we did dinner on the weekend when J was in town.  I stuck to my old basic of navy tee and this gorge Lauren Moffatt skirt.  It was definitely nice to have sunny weather today, but the bare legs are probably pushing it.  I hate wearing tights inside the apartment, though, so this is the picture I got.  

Aren't they pretty?  


  1. These shoes are really lovely, as is your whole outfit! I especially like the skirt. Looking forward to your next shoe challenge!

  2. Hello! I'm doing the shoe challenge too, and I just came across your blog. These are lovely shoes, and your skirt is just beautiful!